our cause

Let’s look after the biosphere, so it can look after us.

Let’s bring humanity back into harmony with nature, through ecological thinking and design. Herblabism is a beacon of best practice in all aspects of its food and drink creation. We are in-tune with nature, working in tandem to enable it to do what it does best. We embrace the natural systems, ingredients and processing techniques that work to restore balance, all the while creating great-tasting food with health benefits for all.

our promise

To deliver our ideal: the best tasting natural products, and the best conditions for nature to thrive.

Herblabism doesn’t believe that sustainability necessitates compromise. Our products offer the peak of flavour and satisfaction, but using ingredients and processing techniques that work to restore balance to our food production systems. That provides benefits for us all, from the land to the farmer to the consumer.

Meet the team

Dr Vincent Walsh founded Herblabism with the aim to provide more circular and regenerative food products for the UK market. He has 15 years’ experience in the food sector working as a consultant designer and academic.

meet the team

farm innovation

Towards Net Zero.

Herblabism brings substantial farming experience to the table. We focus on circular and regenerative food and farming infrastructures, collaborating with some of the largest food, water and land owners in the United Kingdom. In a circular, regenerative food system, healthy food becomes accessible to all.

Food production, distribution and consumption are all a focus, and innovation helps disrupt the ‘traditional’ methods for something more considered. Soil health is prioritised, using agroforestry, cover cropping and many other means of natural enrichment. We have recently taken over farmland in North Yorkshire to develop best practices and support more adaptive, ecological and resilient landscapes across the UK with our friends and partners - and, significantly, to drive our net zero targets.

Our net zero strategy is to invest in UK land, enabling us to grow food and achieve our targets by sequestering carbon safely into the soil, by creating innovative ecosystems. If you need any support with farming initiatives, or are interested in collaborating, we would love to hear from you.